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Flexible shaft driven submersible pump

A submersible pump with a winning difference.

The submersible pump head is driven by a petrol or diesel poker drive unit via a reliable flexible drive shaft. So you can have the advantages of a submersible pump with up to 4kw of power giving high flow rates for fast pumping.
Submersible Pump powered by your flexible shaft drive unit, there’s no better way to drain footings before the concrete goes in.

See the submersible pump drive units available. Petrol or Diesel drive units, normally used to power Fairport’s range of Flexible shaft vibrating pokers, gain extra utilisation. A top quality flexible drive shaft manufactured by Fairport’s own Flexible drive and Tool division transmits the engine power down to the pump.

The simplicity of this system delivers excellent, trouble free reliability making it perfect for the toughest site conditions. Your Fairport, Dynapac or Belle poker drive unit gets a complete new application with a flexible shaft submersible pump.

  • The advantages of a submersible without being electric
  • No motor, extremely low maintenance
  • TFE 2″ or 3″ output, accepts standard hoses
  • No priming, No sparks, No smell
  • Reliable, the submerged pump can left running unattended for extended periods
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Product Description

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Head Flow @ 2800 RPM Flow @ 3300 RPM Flow @ 3600 RPM
ft m G.P.M. m3/hr G.P.M. m3/hr G.P.M. m3/hr Weight Kg Order Code
TFE 50/75 Flexible shaft submersible pump 0 0 70 19.1 84 22.9 91 24.8 inc. drive 21.5 92890 Hire Purchase
10 3 61 16.6 78 21.3 85 23.2
20 6 46 12.5 69 18.8 76 20.7
30 9 19 5.2 53 14.5 62 16.9
40 12 28 7.6 44 12.0
50 15 20 5.5
2″ Layflat Hose W17107
3″ Layflat Hose W17108
Errut/Belle coupling For Errut/Belle drive units W60802
Metrix Standard coupling For Metrix “standard” coupling drive units 92844
Dynapac type coupling For CEL, Dynapac, Winget, Wacker drive units W60801
Standard W range coupling For Warsop type drive units W60803

A Flexible shaft driven submersible pump in cast aluminium, fitted with a steel wear plate. The impeller is cast iron and of the semi open type, capable of handling solids up to 8mm in suspension. Bearings are protected by 3 lip seals running on a stainless steel replaceable sleeve. The pump is fitted with a 5 metre flexible drive and coupling as standard. Please take care to select the correct coupling when ordering.

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