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Small Lighter Weight FPL Plate Compactor

Narrow (12.6″inch – 320mm), lightweight but Heavy-duty Plate compactor for asphalt and sub-base compaction.

At 320mm the honda engine FPL Plate compactor gives excellent compaction for smaller jobs. Precision engineered vibrator, optimal power transmission and weight distribution make this Plate Compactor a real heavy hitter.

A Highly portable, easily manoeuvrable Plate Compactor that delivers excellent compaction results

British (Sheffield UK) designed and built to give long lasting service in demanding conditions. These plate compactors don’t compromise on quality, features, performance or reliability. The cost / price combined with unparalleled support and service allows the FPL to tick all the boxes.

  • A lightweight plate with heavyweight features
  • ‘Soft feel’ handle for operator comfort
  • Low vibration levels without the additional weight
  • 320mm (12.6 inch) base width with the popular GX Honda engine
  • Mechanical lifting point
  • Ideal for streetworks and in limited space applications
  • Optional Water Kit and Paving Mat available
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Product Description

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Engine Power HP/kW Centrifugal Force kN Plate size W x L mm Compaction Ratio kg/m2 Guaranteed Sound Power dB HAV level m/sec2 Weight Kg Order Code
FPL320 Petrol Plate Compactor Honda 3.0 / 2.2 10 320 x 318 527 105 6.10 52 94217 Hire Purchase
FPL320 Paving Mat Kit W14721
FPL300 Water Kit W14783

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