Pole Scabbler with Low HAV
Pole Scabbler working on concretePole Tamper compacting sub-basePole Tamper with Low HAV

Pole Scabblers / Pole Tampers

One Tool with many applications. Choose Scabbler heads for concrete preparation or Tamper feet and it becomes a Pole Tamper for compaction.

Both with Low Hand Arm Vibration.

Pole Scabbler

High work rate pole scabbler. To reduce surfaces, deep keying and
surface preparation for critical civil engineering works. Long reach for access through re-bar and in to foundations.

  • High energy scabbler power directed just where you need it.
  • Selection of scabbler heads for the highest work rates on your application

Pole Tamper

Switch to a tamper foot for increased utilisation. Achieve full compaction in confined areas with smaller excavations
around utilities and street furniture.

  • High Compaction forces for HAUC compliant compaction of sub-base and bituminous materials.
  • Circular, square or rectangular tamper feet available to get in to the tightest spots.

Maximise Utilisation

Order your Pole Scabbler or Pole Tamper plus your selection of scabbler heads and tamper feet to maximise utilisation.

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Product Description

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  Air Consumption lps / cfm Air Pressure bar / psi (+/- 07 / 10) Blows Per Minute BPM Length mm Guaranteed Sound Power dB HAV m/sec2 Weight Kg Order Code    
Pole Scabbler LRS55 11.7 / 25 6.2 / 90 1300 1270 95 3.5 21.5 150.5320 Hire Purchase
Pole Tamper 11.7 / 25 6.2 / 90 1300 1270 95 4.2 21.5 150.5330 Hire Purchase


Scabbler Heads Tamper / Compactor Feet
Head Type 5 point Bush
9 point
Bush hamer
Round tamper
foot 127mm dia
Square tamper
foot 100mm
Rectangular foot
127 x 152mm
Rectangular foot
100 x 200mm
Order Code 441.5359 441.5369 441.5360 450.5017 450.5011 450.5013 450.5016
Whip hose , whip check and lubricator complete kit (whip check and lubricator also available separately, please call) 458.1555


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