Pneumatic / Air concrete pokers

Powerful pneumatic concrete vibrating pokers work at high frequencies allowing the operator to vibrate large areas quickly.

Where a compressor is available on site, these pokers are the perfect solution.

  • High Frequency, High productivity
  • All parts made from heat treated abrasion resistant steel
  • Two part 'in head' motor, reliable performance
  • Only one wear part, easy maintenance
  • In line oiler, helps avoid internal corrosion and seizing
  • Twist grip throttle, convenient control
  • Quick release coupling


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Product Description

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  Diameter mm Frequency vpm Force N Air Volume l/m Max pressure Bar Weight kg HAV m/sec2 Order Code    
FPP25 Pneumatic Poker 25 20,000 686 400 7 2.5 0.0354 94460 Hire Purchase
FPP40 Pneumatic Poker 40 19,000 1961 500 7 4.5 0.044 94461 Hire Purchase
FPP50 Pneumatic Poker 50 18,000 3334 600 7 6.5 0.985 94462 Hire Purchase
FPP60 Pneumatic Poker 60 17,000 4805 750 7 8 1.089 94463 Hire Purchase
FPP80 Pneumatic Poker 80 15,000 11767 1250 7 12.5 21.127 94464 Hire Purchase
Extra Hose for 635 Price Per Metre please call    
Extra Hose for 645 Price Per Metre please call    
Extra Hose for 655 Price Per Metre please call    
Extra Hose for 665 Price Per Metre please call    
Extra Hose for 675 Price Per Metre please call    
Rubber Nose Hose Caps   please call    

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