Petrol Back Pack concrete poker

New, backpack mounted mechanical poker drive unit.

Available with a selection of poker head sizes.

  • Swivel mounted and isolated frame
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Uses new AVMU poker heads
  • Total mobility, no electricity needed
  • 2 metres of anti-abrasion flexible shaft
  • Additional belt improves operator comfort
  • 4 Stroke Honda engine power
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Product Description

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Choose and specify the Drive unit, Shaft length and Poker heads to suit your job requirements.

Engine Flexible Shaft Length mm Poker Diam. mm Vibration VPM Weight Kg Order Code
Hand Held Power Unit
Honda GX35 7 94321 Hire Puchase
2m Flexible Shaft for 25mm Poker head 2 4 94325
2m Flexible Shaft for 38mm & 48mm Poker heads 2 4 94326
25mm Poker Head 25 14,000 1 93170
38mm Poker Head 38 13,500 1.9 93171
48mm Poker Head 48 13,000 3.4 93172

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