Needle Guns (scalers), convert to Chisel Guns
needle-gun-VL303-800VL303 Needle Gun with Chisel kit fittedVL303 Needle Gun on concreteVL223 Needle GunVL303 Needle Gun kit in caseOptional whip hose, whip check & lubricator kit

Needle Guns

Needle Guns / Chisel Guns for cleaning and surface preparation or chiseling of concrete (with optional chisel adaptor) and de-scaling of steel

High power needle action for clean , dressing concrete , masonry and steel. The impact action breaks up previous coatings or surfaces. With the optional chisel kit the scaler converts to a chisel gun for low weight, high power chipping.

Pneumatic – Air powered needle gun

Compressed air power tool with chisel tip needles (supplied as standard. Light in weight but heavy duty action

  • Low HAV for up to 8 hrs – full day working
  • Lightweight, accurate and easy to handle.
  • Improved versatility and utilisation with the optional chisel kit.
  • VL303 & 203 with pistol grip
  • Low maintenance and quick tool change.
  • Quality engineering for high work rates and maximum tool life.
  • Supplied with set full set of 3mm chisel tip needles.
  • Flat, pointed and spark resistant needles available.
  • Chisel conversion with choice of narrow, wide & cranked chisels
  • Dust shrouds with vacuum extraction point available.
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Product Description

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lps / cfm
Air Pressure
bar / psi
(+/- 07 / 10)
Blows Per
Needles Guaranteed
Sound Power
Needle scaler gun VL303 c/w needles 2.6 / 5.5 6.2 / 90 3000 28 x 3mm chisel tip 109.5 2.3 3.5 196.3003
VL303 Needle gun & chisel gun kit in a case, includes 28 x 3mm chisel tip needles and chisel conversion with19mm chisel 196.3105
Needle scaler gun VL203 c/w needles 1.89 / 4 6.2 / 90 2400 19 x 3mm chisel tip 90.7 2.75 2.7 196.2003
Needle scaler gun VL223 c/w needles 1.89 / 4 6.2 / 90 2400 19 x 3mm chisel tip 90.7 2.56 2.35 196.2103
Chisel conversion VL303 – 419.3003 holder + 610.3003 anvil + choice of chisel / VL203 & VL223 – 419.2002 holder + 610.2003 + choice of chisel
6 sets of replacement 3mm chisel tip needles VL303 6 x 28 needles – 413.2128 / VL 203 & VL223 6 x 19 needles – 413.2119
(flat, pointed, beryllium copper, stainless, sizes 2, 3, 4mm & other quantities also available, please call)
Whip hose , whip check and lubricator complete kit (items also available separately, please call) 458.1530

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