‘AP’ Range Flexible Shaft Internal Vibrating Pokers‘AP’ Range Flexible Shaft Poker Coupling DetailAP-Range-Flexible-Shaft-Poker-Complete-with-hose-and-coupling

Lower cost concrete vibrating poker

Economy pokers for all concrete vibrating applications.
High frequency, reliable vibration at low cost

  • Fitted with 6m flexible shafts as standard
  • A choice of 6 poker heads from 28mm to 60mm
  • High frequency flexible drive poker
  • Fitted as standard with the ‘Dynapac type’ Coupling
  • Suitable for Fairport, CEL, Dynapac, Winget and Wacker Power Units
  • Available with ‘Metrix type’ Coupling
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Product Description

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Diameter mm Length mm Amplitude mm Frequency Hz (vpm) Flex Length m Weight kg Order Code
AP28 Poker Head c/w shaft & coupling 28 470 1.5 210 (12,600) 6 16 94195 Hire Purchase
AP38 Poker Head c/w shaft & coupling 38 492 1.7 205 (12,300) 6 18 94179 Hire Purchase
AP50 Poker Head c/w shaft & coupling 50 508 2.2 200 (12,000) 6 20 94192 Hire Purchase
AP60 Poker Head c/w shaft & coupling 60 503 2.4 200 (12,000) 6 21 94193 Hire Purchase
Metrix coupling For Metrix drive units 92845

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