Hydraulic stone and slab splitter

The power of a 10 Ton hydraulic piston is multiplied to give over 20 Ton of Slab Splitter force.

More than enough power for use as a concrete Slab Splitter and a cut width of 650mm so all common paving Slabs can be split easily and most importantly without airborne dust. The Health and Safety problems associated with dust and noise, especially in public spaces can be avoided by using a Slab Splitter instead of a disc cutter.

With power like this, almost all masonry products can get the Block Splitter treatment.

Any Masonry or Concrete products that will fit between the blades (235mm) can be split in seconds with no troublesome noise or dust. So from kerb stones to normal block paving the Block Splitter in the alternative to a cut-off saw and diamond blade. Its quicker, safer and easier to use a Hydraulic Block Splitter then to saw especially when the saw depth of cut is limited.


  • Adjustable blade height, for all ‘flat faced’ products up to 235mm
  • Heavy weight construction, takes a lot of abuse
  • Wheels attached, easy ‘on site’ transport
  • Reversible blades with 3 cutting edges
  • Large work supports, keeps the cut vertical

Hydraulic SLAB SPLITTER or BLOCK SPLITTER with OVER 20 TON CUTTING FORCE for sale in the UK and Worldwide.

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Max Cut Width mm Max Cut Height mm Length mm Width mm Height mm Weight Kg Order Code
H65 Hydraulic Block / Slab Splitter 650 235 730 820 1040 99 92398 Hire Purchase

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