Hand Tamper for levelling concrete

For tamping and striking off concrete, the Concrete Tamper has an accurate Aluminium box section beam with handles to make lighter work of concrete laying.

A lightweight, ridged, flat and smooth aluminium beam fitted with one set of two handles makes the job of tamping and levelling concrete so much easier and more efficient than using a plank.

From a standing position the operators can hand tamp concrete using an up and down motion to consolidate concrete. A small fast action fluidises stiff concrete mixes, allowing aggregate in the mix to settle down and air voids to rise up so the slab or base will be stronger.

note: To guarantee maximum void reduction on for slabs over 4″ inch (100mm) deep it is advisable to first vibrate the concrete using a “vibrating poker”

With a back and forth motion the hand tamp beam slices through the concrete until the beam rests on the formwork so you know you’re at the right level. Progressing along the formwork strikes off the concrete surface at the levels set by the formwork for a flat slab.

The concrete surface can be left with ridges for an anti slip finish or smoother if additional passes with the hand tamper are taken. For a perfectly smooth finish one of the Fairport long handled floats can be used.

Step up from a plank use a Hand Concrete Tamper to save your back!

For driveways, paths, ramps, garage bases, concrete floors the hand tamp saves your back as well as saving you time. When you have several cubic metres of concrete to lay, using a plank or piece of timber will leave you in no fit state to carry on working for the rest of day. The hand tamp is a simple, cost effective back saver.

  • Aluminium Beam Hand Tamper sections available in any length between 2.0 metres and 7.2 metres.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Solid handles give improved control.
  • Lay concrete without bending.
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, just hose down after use.

LIGHT AND EASY TO CLEAN , Aluminium beam with handles for hand tamping concrete

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Product Description

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Choose beam lengths to suit your bay widths, allow a minimum of 0.1m overhang.
Special size hand tampers made to order, sizes from 3.2 to 7.2m

Beam Length m Overall length with handles m Handle Height mm Beam Width Top / Bottom mm Beam Height mm Weight Kg Order Code
4.2m Aluminium Hand Tamper 4.7 4.72 680 28 / 32 102 20 93282 Hire Purchase
5.2m Aluminium Hand Tamper 5.2 5.72 680 28 / 32 102 25 93113 Hire Purchase
6.2m Aluminium Hand Tamper 6.2 6.72 680 28 / 32 102 30 93114 Hire Purchase
7.2m Aluminium Hand Tamper 7.2 7.72 680 28 / 32 102 35 93115 Hire Purchase

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