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FVR Single Drum Pedestrian Roller


Lightweight and manoeuvrable pedestrian operated single drum vibrating roller for granular and asphalt compaction

The Fairport single drum pedestrian roller is optimised for asphalt work but also has the features and performance for large areas of Granular materials from sand through to MOT / GSB “hardcore” compaction. With the versatility for Sub-Base compaction and Asphalt compaction the pedestrian single drum vibrating roller has high utilisation rates.

Ideally suited for repair and maintenance work.

Popular for use on road / highway repairs and reinstatements of patches and trenches. The pedestrian single drum vibrating roller is the perfect machine for compaction of Asphalt / bituminous surfaces as the width and rolling action helps to achieve a flat surface finish.

  • Beveled drum, vibrating roller edge prevents marking on surface
  • Thick drum shell, longer life
  • Self-cleaning scrapers to prevent build up of dirt on drum
  • Large 15 litre corrosion-free water tank
  • Deadman handle control with reversing protection for safe pedestrian operation
  • Ergonomically designed, height adjustable handle
  • Lifting holes for easy transportation
  • Narrow overhang for operation close to wall and kerbs
  • Built in cooling fan for longer life and continuous operation

DURABLE and EFFECTIVE DESIGN at a surprisingly good price for a pedestrian single drum vibrating roller of this high quality, for sale in the UK and Worldwide.

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Product Description

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Engine Power Hp/kW Drum Diameter mm Working Drum Width mm Static Linear Force N/cm Centrifugal Force kN Vibrator Frequency VPM Travel Speed km/h Max Gradient with/without vibration Water tank capacity Ltr Guar. Sound Power dB HAV m/sec2 Weight Kg Order Code
FVR58H Roller Honda GX160 5.5 / 4.0 400 580 28.5 10 4560 0 – 1.5 20% – 25% 15 108 4.8 185 94336 Hire Purchase

A Pedestrian Single Drum Vibrating Roller, at first glance looks like a simple piece of kit. But there’s a bit more to it than first meets the eye. We’ve put together a few guides that explain how such a light weight machine can be so productive, what makes the a good roller, how it actually does the job and what those jobs are. Have a read through by clicking on the links below.

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