Diesel Engine Trench Rammer

Perfectly balanced 4-stroke Petrol Tamper Rammers.

Delivers hard-hitting compaction with operator comfort – Low Noise and Vibration to the operator. (Also called: Trench Rammer, Tamping Rammer or Vibro-Tamper)

  • Laminated wood and steel rammer foot / shoe design
  • Quality polyurethane bellows
  • Convenient frame rollers for easy loading
  • Rear lifting handle
  • Protective top cover eliminates possible damage to engine
  • Reliable 4-stroke Honda petrol engine
  • Vibration reduced frame for improved rammer operator comfort
  • Durable plastic fuel tank for long life, rust free operation
  • Frame side covers protect the engine from damage
  • Optional 150mm Ramming Foot for FPR60H
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Product Description

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Engine Power
Shoe size
WxL mm
Force kN
Fuel Tank Capacity
Order Code
FPR85D Tamping Rammer Yanmar L48 4.8 / 3.5 285 x 350 18 50 – 85 2.8 60 94335 Hire Purchase

What is Trench Rammer? and why so many names for the same thing? – Why it’s good for more than just trench compaction
The first rammers where invented by an early incarnation of Fairport back in 1922. The Benjo Mechanical Rammer became the Benjo Portable Power Rammer and as the Warsop Benjo Rammer… Read about Tamper Rammer beginnings, what they are and what they’re called.

How to Use a Tamper Rammer and What Makes a Good Trench Rammer?
Anyone can get the hang of using a Tamper Rammer within a few minutes, there is only one real trick…. The most important factor for a good Rammer isn’t easily measured… Read about using a Tamper Rammer and what makes a good one.

Compact Sub-Grade (Soil) with a Tamper Rammer. Start with good compaction of the ground
Compacting Sub-Base (MOT1, GSB1 “Hardcore”) with a Rammer. Proper compaction of the base for roads or concrete
Compaction of Bitumious Materials ( Asphalt, Tarmac) with a Vibrotamper. Roads, footpaths, car parks all the better for rammer use

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