FPR Reversible Plate Compactors

Reversible Plate Compactors give contractors the high productivity and flexibility they need. Compaction with a Reversible plate can be guaranteed to a high standard without costing any more man-hours on the job. A reversible plate compactor can be used effectively and efficiently for compaction of sub-grade (soil) sub-base, MOT (hardcore) and Asphalt (Tarmac) so, on many jobs, no other compaction equipment is required.

Reversible plate compactors ideal and versatile for high compaction efficiency on sand, gravel MOT1 (hardcore) and soil.

Heavyweight compaction available from Reversible Plate Compactors enables fewer passes than standard single direction plate compactors (or normal “wacker” plates). So along with the wide base plates and deeper compaction, reversible plate compactors give higher productivity.

Increased compaction force with smooth transition between forward and reverse travel.

High levels of compaction vibration is delivered from a high efficiency vibrator system. Materials for sub-base and Asphalt are effectively “semi-fluidised” then hammered together. This extreme compaction power is easily and intuitively controlled using a precision hydraulic system. With excellent control, high outputs and comfortable operation the Fairport Reversible Plate Compactors are a No.1 hit with all operators.

  • Heavy duty roll-cage with lifting eye
  • Hydraulic forward and reverse mechanism
  • On-the-spot compaction
  • Reverse travel safety protection ensures machine travels forward if operator releases the handle
  • Impact resistant and open, self cleaning base-plate
  • Sealed belt cover design for protection to clutch and belt
  • Handle folds to 45° and 90° for transportation and storage
  • Honda petrol and Lombardini diesel options
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Product Description

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Engine Power HP / kW Centrifugal Force kN Plate size W x L mm Frequency VPM Travel speed m/min Guaranteed Sound Power dB HAV m/sec2 Weight Kg Order Code
FPR38/20H Petrol Reversible Plate Compactor Honda GX160
5.5 / 4.0
380 x 580
5400 22 108 4 110 94330 Hire Purchase
FPR40/25H Petrol Reversible Plate Compactor Honda GX160
5.5 / 4.0
400 x 650
5400 22 108
145 94331 Hire Purchase
FPR40/25D Diesel Reversible Plate Compactor Lombardini LD225
3.5 / 4.8
400 x 650
5400 22 108
94332 Hire Purchase
FPR50/30H Petrol Reversible Plate Compactor Honda GX200 6.5 / 4.8 30
500 x 690
5400 20 108
94333 Hire Purchase
FPR50/30D Diesel Reversible Plate Compactor Lombardini LD350 7.5 / 5.5 30
500 x 690
5400 20 108
187 94334 Hire Purchase

We have a number of Reversible Plate Compactor Guides available. These cover the basics of what a reversible plate compactor is, how they work, features to look out for in a well designed machine and guidance on what kind of work can be done. So please click through if you need a basic introduction or more detailed application information about Reversible Plate Compactors.

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How a Reversible Plate Compactor Works and the features to look out for
Applications for Reversible Plate Compactors, Material compaction and lift thickness

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