Floor Scabbler
MHS5 Floor Scabler, 5 headMHS11 Floor Scabbler, 11 headFloor Scabbler removing concrete laitanceUnderneath MHS11 Floor Scabbler

Floor Scabblers

Multi- head Floor Scabblers are used in construction applications to work concrete floors to reduce levels, remove the weaker top layers or coatings.

FloorScabbler MHS11

Eleven heads delivering over 24,000 BPM. Specifically designed in conjunction with CITB for laitance and coatings without micro cracking the concrete below. Low HAV for extended safe working.

  • 11 Bush hammer heads with carefully regulated power delivery to maintain substrate integrity.
  • Low HAV, 3 point vibration dampening system.
  • Efficient laitance removal, up to 30m2 / hour.
  • Optional cruciform heads to improve high spot reduction & levelling process.
  • Ideal for fast coating & paint removal to leave a scabbled finish.
  • Keying for second pours or coating, resurfacing
  • Perfect preparation for bridge deck waterproofing
  • Dust control kit available.

Floor Scabbler MHS5

Five head scabbler for fast concrete removal.

  • 5 x 50mm (2 inch) heads deliver extreme breaking forces for rapid concrete and coating removal.
  • Rougher textures and higher output levelling and reduction with optional cruciform bits.
  • Lighter texture and reduced aggression optional 9 point bush hammer bits for joint levelling and thin coating preparation.


Trelawny Floor Scabblers For Sale, Supplied and Supported in the UK by Fairport

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Product Description

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lps / cfm
Air Pressure
bar / psi
(+/- 07 / 10)
Blows Per
Cutting Width
Size L x W x H
Noise Level
Order Code    
MHS11 Floor Scabbler 26 / 55 6.2 / 90 11 x 2200 285 340 x 285 x 1290 97 4.96 70 159.6050 Hire Purchase
MHS5 Floor Scabbler 38 / 80 6.2 / 90 5 x 1300 290 110 x 720 x 970 94.7 16.5 114 159.5050 Hire Purchase
Combined bush hammer / piston head for MHS11 612.0125    
5 point bush hammer head for MHS5 441.5359    
9 point bush hammer head for MHS5 441.5369    
Cruciform head for MHS5 441.5360    
MHS11Cruciform heads, Whip checks, Couplings, Lubricators, Dust/vacuum shrouds also available – please call    

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