TFP Petrol powered Floor Planer
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Floor Planer

Floor Planer with cutter / drum options for planing, texturing, scarifying & preparation of floors

Floor Planer, petrol or electric, fitted with various drum and cutter configurations can be used for a multitude of applications from deep concrete reduction to light scarifying.

Floor Planer / Scarifier TFP200

Petrol or Electric powered cutter drum can be configured for jobs from deep concrete planing to light paint removal. Accurate depth control and optimal weight distribution allows the TFP to tackle the toughest applications as well as precision surface preparation.

  • Honda Petrol or 110v power options.
  • Accurate handwheel depth adjustment.
  • Removes paint, epoxy & rubberised coatings, thermoplastic, compacted grease and ice.
  • Prepares steel decks and concrete with deep or light textures for re-coating.
  • Level reduction / correction of concrete as well as laitance removal.
  • Applies non-slip textures or grooves.
  • Dust extraction point (50mm) fitted as standard.

260mm & 320mm Planer / Scarifi ers also available. Call for details.

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Product Description

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Machine listed c/w drums fitted with 5 point tungsten carbide cutters, all cutter/drum configurations are available, please call.

Power Hp / kW Max. Cut Depth mm Cutting Width mm Size L x W x H mm Guaranteed Sound Power dB HAV m/sec2 Weight Kg Order Code
Floor Planer / Scarifier TFP200 Honda Petrol 5.5 / 4 3 195 900 x 350 x 900 92 10.3 59 320.2000T Hire Purchase
Floor Planer / Scarifier TFP200 110v (32A 50hz) 3 / 2.2 3 195 900 x 350 x 900 90 10.3 59 320.2002T Hire Purchase
Floor Planer / Scarifier TFP200 2300v (16A 50hz) 3 / 2.2 3 195 900 x 350 x 900 90 10.3 59 320.2004T Hire Purchase
Full range of consumables available. 5,6,8 point TC. , Beam, Star, Milling cutters, Spacers, Wire brush drums, Bare drums – please call

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