TCG250 Floor Grinder
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Floor Grinder – Single head

Single Head Floor Grinder with options for diamond grinding, polishing and scouring

With a wide range of consumables the TCG250 can have a high utilisation rate. Fitted with Diamond heads it can grind and polish concrete and terazzo. With the optional holding plate it can accept grinding stones scouring boxes and steel brushes.

Floor Grinder / Polisher TCG250

Petrol or Electric powered single disc floor grinders. Diamond grinding discs for general concrete, stone and terrazzo grinding. Interchangeable segment discs for progressive grinding and polishing and resin bonded polishing pads.
Optional conversion kit to mount 100 x 50 x 50 grinding and scarifer

  • Honda Petrol or 110v power options (other voltage option on request).
  • Flexible disc mounting for even pressure distribution.
  • Wide range of diamond abrasives available for grinding and fine polishing of concrete and terrazzo.
  • Optional disc conversion for carborundum blocks, scarifying blocks and brushes for a broader range of applications and utilisation.
  • Wet Grind or Dry with hose connector and dust extraction point (50mm) fitted as standard.

Trelawny Floor Grinder For Sale, Supplied and Supported in the UK by Fairport

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Product Description

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Power Hp / kW Disc Speed rpm Grinding Diameter mm Size L x W x H mm HAV m/sec2 Weight Kg Order Code set up for blocks Order Code set up for diamond discs
Floor Grinder / Polisher TCG250 Honda Petrol 5.5 / 4 1070 250 1100 x 450 x 980 3.3 90 345.2000 345.2000D Hire Purchase
Floor Grinder / Polisher TCG250 110v (32A 50hz) 2.5 / 1.8 953 250 1100 x 450 x 980 1.78 90 345.2002 345.2002D Hire Purchase
Universal bond diamond disc (for general applications) 350.5620G
Accessory holding plate conversion kit 350.5630
Holding plate for grinding & scarifier accessories 350.00CDR
Full range of consumables available. Hard & soft bond discs, 30 -600 grit segments, 400-3500 grit pads, scoura / scarifier, carborundum blocks – please call

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