FBSV & FBLV Hydraulic Breakers

High Performance Hydraulic Breakers for Concrete and Asphalt.

Extreme cutting and Breaking power available with standard handles or with vibration reduction handles for low HAV.

  • Standard handle or Low Vibration Handle Mechanism, reducing the risk of HAVS.
  • High blow energy and frequency produces the highest productivity.
  • Progressive starting “Feathering” action, allows the operator to accurately place the tool and mark out before engaging full power.
  • Unique return blow action allows the user to power the tool free.
  • Less expensive and more powerful than pneumatic tools.
  • Alternative Power Source Safe, designed for high back pressure so can be powered safely from excavators, skid steer loaders and road rollers.
  • Economical to operate and simple to maintain.
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Product Description

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  Blow Frequency BPM Flow L/min Pressure Bar Steel Size mm Blow Energy Joules HAV m/sec2 Weight Kg Order Code    
FBSV 25/20 Hydraulic Breaker 1400 20 138 32 x 160 92   25 95321 Hire Purchase
FBLV 25/20 Hydraulic Breaker (Low Vib) 1400 20 138 32 x 160 115 8.05 25 94388 Hire Purchase

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