FS single beam screeder

The Euro Screed is a time saving and easy to use concrete surface screeder for fast and simple striking off and smoothing.

Use as a traditional single beam screeder, running on formwork to strike off at the correct level or without accurate formwork / screed rails required as the FS Screed can be used for “Free Screeding”. The FS Screed can float on the concrete surface as it vibrates and consolidates and levels concrete.

Read more about the different methods on the Fairport Concrete slab laying Guide.

  • Beam (sometimes called Blade) and power unit easily separated for transport and storage. (Just two nuts and bolts)
  • Beam / Blades and power unit interchangeable with other makes.
  • Fully adjustable handles in height and angle for increased comfort during prolonged working times
  • Lever throttle and convenient engine ‘kill’ button for instant control.
  • Beam section shaped for productive working. Rolling a surcharge or free floating.
  • Shaped beam ends minimises any ‘tram line’ effect.
  • Reliable clutch gives a smooth power take up.
  • Solid vertical drive in a sealed unit puts power to the vibrator right where the action is needed.
  • Select from a choice of beam length to suit your job requirements.
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Product Description

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Engine Power kW / hp Beam Length mm Guaranteed Sound Power dB Weight Kg Order Code
FS Single Beam Power Unit Honda GX 35 1.2 / 1.6 50 12.7 94360 Hire Purchase
1.2m FS Screed Blade 1.2 2.9 94361
1.8m FS Screed Blade 1.8 4.4 94362
2.4m FS Screed Blade 2.4 5.8 94363
3m FS Screed Blade 3 7.3 94364
3.6m FS Screed Blade 3.6 8.7 94365
4.2m FS Screed Blade 4.2 10.2 94366
4.8m FS Screed Blade 4.8 11.6 94367

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