36″ and 46″ Power trowels for finishing concrete

Achieve a perfect, flat and hard wearing finish on concrete slabs. With these power floats large areas are easy to complete in the setting time available.

PMT36 Power Trowel / Power Float

  • 900mm (36”) trowelling diameter.

PMT46 Power Trowel / Power Float

  • 1170mm (36”) trowelling diameter.

Common Features

  • Reliable precision gearbox.
  • Excellent weight distribution for easy operation.
  • Adjustable handle height to suit operator.
  • “Instant Stop” clutch for operator safety.
  • Smooth pitch adjustment.
  • Forward lifting bar aids manual handling.
  • Lifting eye included as standard.
  • Fitting for standard 6×14” Finish or 8×14” Combination blades.
  • Can be fitted with standard Float Disc / Pan.
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Product Description

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  Engine Power
HP / kW
Blade Speed
Length mm Height mm Trowelling
dia mm
Weight Kg Order Code    
PMT36 Power Trowel Honda 5.5 / 4.0 117 – 167 1890 900 approx. 900 81 94343 Hire Purchase
PMT46 Power Trowel Honda 9 / 6.6 117 – 167 2060 1000 approx. 1170 107 94371 Hire Purchase

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