24″ Concreting Power Trowel

For the perfect, flat and hard wearing finish to concrete slabs right up to the edge, around obstacles and through doorways, the PMT24 is a low maintenance and long life design, engineered for the concreting professional.

  • 600mm toweling diameter.
  • Independent rolling guard for safe and accurate edging.
  • Convenient forward lifting handle.
  • Folding handle gives easier storage and transportation.
  • Reliable precision gearbox.
  • Excellent weight distribution for easy operation.
  • Adjustable handle height to suit operator.
  • Deadman safety cut out.
  • Smooth pitch adjustment.
  • Float disc / Pan fits under the finishing blades for a quick change from floating to finishing operations.
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Product Description

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  Engine Power HP / kW Blade Speed RPM Length mm Height mm Trowelling diameter mm Weight Kg Order Code    
PMT24 Power Trowel Honda 5.5 / 4.0 109 – 156 1500 900 approx. 600 55 94370 Hire Purchase

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