• The Top Five Issues Currently Effecting the Construction Industry
    The Top Five Issues Currently Effecting the Construction Industry
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    1. Shortage of Skilled Workers Despite the construction industry being on the rise in the past couple of  years, the vast majority of contractors (around 70%) still state that they are facing a difficult time in finding skilled labour to keep up with demand.  This issue with finding skilled labour to fill up the available…

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  • Fairport’s Twin Blade Saw
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    Honouring our promise to building on quality, Fairport have spent months designing, developing and testing the new twin blade saw. Fairport Construction Equipment is expanding its product range constantly, If you follow the Fairport blog then you may have heard Fairport mention the twin blade saw previously. With the announcement of the Autumn budget there…

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  • MIXZR’S First Deliveries
    MIXZR’S First Deliveries
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    Fairport is proud to announce that we have made our first deliveries of the new Fairport MIXZR this week! Even though we have been struck by storm Doris, our committed staff at Fairport braved the weather and made our first deliveries to Hodgson Tool Hire. The MIXZR has been a huge success thus far, even…

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  • The Eiffel Tower
    The Eiffel Tower
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    The Eiffel tower is one of the most iconic buildings in the world, it is a symbol of Paris, France and the French Revolution. The monument stands at 300 metres tall (excluding antennas) and held the record for the world’s tallest man made building for 41 years. It finally lost its title to the construction…

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  • Fairport Mixzr
    Fairport Mixzr
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    In this week’s Fairport blog we would like to express our thanks to the Executive Hire Show for hosting such an amazing event. Fairport had an amazing time displaying all of our products, not only that but we unveiled our new state of the art Fairport Mixzr! The new Fairport Mixzr has exceeded all expectations…

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  • A slow start to 2017
    A slow start to 2017
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    The UK construction industry has had a slow start to the new year, it has been reported that January 2017 has provided the slowest growth for the construction industry since the Brexit vote of June 2016. We would ask that everyone reading this blog does not get disheartened by this fact. Despite the slow growth,…

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  • Construction Output
    Construction Output
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    Recently in the UK there has been a lot of uncertainty, when it comes to the construction industry and the work it may receive. This is down to many factors with the largest being the vote to leave the European Union. Especially in the construction industry, companies have been worried about how this will affect…

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  • The Northern Powerhouse Project
    The Northern Powerhouse Project
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    In basic terms the government wants to kick-start the main northern cities to produce more business and help boost the UK economy as a whole by repositioning the English economy away from the South East. This will address the economic imbalance between the north and south of England. The proposal of the Northern Powerhouse is…

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  • The Burj Khalifa
    The Burj Khalifa
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    The design of the building was a huge factor as building a structure so tall would obviously be affected by forces such as wind, this coupled with the motion of the upper floors would become dominant factors in the structural design. To test the designs of the building and how it would stand up to…

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