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Quality Construction Equipment Manufacturer of Plate Compactors & Vibrating Pokers. Supplying Tamper Rammers, Vibrating Rollers, Reversible Plates / Tools for building in the UK and Worldwide

Fairport Construction Equipment Ltd. is a manufacturer of construction equipment including plate compactors and pokers based in Sheffield U.K.  The facility forms the hub for sales, support and distribution of machines, tools and equipment used by the building / construction industry in the UK and worldwide. As well as supplying compaction equipment such as Tamper Rammers, Vibrating Rollers and Reversible Plate Compactors the factory also houses Fairport's sister company Flexible Drive and Tool, the only UK Flexible Drive manufacturer.

Fairport equipment is available for sale direct from the factory in Sheffield U.K. or via a growing network of distributors.

Fairport construction equipment

New construction products in pdf catalogueNew Products - New Catalogue

Introducing an extended range. We are constantly looking the range we have to see what else our customers might be looking for. All new products have to go through a lengthy process of design and evaluation to make sure you are getting the quality you expect. After months of getting things just right we can now introduce these new products:

24" Edging Trowel, 46" Power Trowel, Diesel Trench Rammers, Heavyweight Plate Compactors, Large Reversible Plate Compactors, Double Drum Roller, Floors Saws

We've added more Trelawny Surface Preparation Equipment: Long Reach Scraper/Scaler, Floor Stripper, Hand Held Surface Grinders, Double head Floor Grinder, Dust Extractors.

To top it off the popular Hydraulic Power Packs and Breakers are back in production with some very competitive pricing.

All these are included in the new product catalogue (pdf)



Building On Quality

Plate compactor manuafacturer production lineFairport has a proud history of manufacturing and supplying construction equipment dating back to the late 19th century.  Over the last 100 years the highest standards of quality and innovation have proved to be a winning formula.
Fairport is Building on this reputation for Quality as it designs and produces world beating plate compactors, concreting equipment, vibrating pokers and much more.  Fairport is Building on Quality so you have the quality tools you need to build your business.


More Contractors, Hire Companies, Distributors and Builders turning to Fairport.

The value of Fairport’s manufacturing, reliability, sales and support is being recognised by an ever increasing customer base.  As one of the few independent manufactures in the industry, Fairport has the flexibility to respond to what customers really need.  Major contractors, national hire companies, international distributors, individual hire shops and builders, all find a way to benefit from the Quality Fairport is Building.


New Surface Preparation Equipment

Surfave preparation equipmentThe new range includes scabblers, scarifiers, scrapers, planers, and grinders for floor preparation. For walls and other applications the range includes hand held scalers, needle and chisel guns.

Read more on the news page

Needle Guns, Single &Triple hand held scabblers, Pole Scabbler / Pole Tamper, Floor Scabblers, Floor Planer,Floor Grinder


Range Highlights

(view product page for full range details)

Wide range of plate compactorsPlate Compactors

Fairport has been involved with compaction since the 1920's and has continuously developed this expertise. One result, is a range of single direction plate compactors to meet the demands of any customer. Performance, features and cost are balanced across the range to ensure there is a plate compactor available to provide the perfect solution. The range compaction range also includes Tamper Rammers, Reversible Plate Compactors and Vibrating Single Drum Rollers. Fairport is a plate compactor manufacturer.

A range of guides are available covering all you might need to about, Trench Rammers, Reversible Plate Compactors and Pedestrian Rollers.

Note: Single Direction Vibrating Plate Compactors are sometimes referred to by the name of “wacker plate” or “whacker plate”.  


Concrete vibrating pokers manufacturerInternal Vibrating Pokers for Concrete

Fairport supplies all types of concrete vibrating pokers. Electric High frequency pokes, Hand held motor driven pokers, Back pack pokers, Air or pneumatic pokers and Flexible shaft pokers. Fairport has a unique advantage for the manufacture of flexible shaft driven pokers.  Flexible Drive and Tools Part of the Fairport group of companies, also based in Sheffield is “Flexible Drive and Tool”. FDT is the only UK manufacturer of the specialist heavy duty drives needed to build a quality range of pokers so Fairport has unparalleled on-site expertise.


Vibrating Poker Basics - Answer to questions: What is a poker? How does a vibrating poker work? How to use concrete poker?
Types of Concrete Pokers - All the types of poker available and how to choose the right vibrating poker for you specific requirements

Concrete slab laying machinery and equipment

Equipment and Tools for Concrete Slab Laying

All the popular equipment for concrete slab laying (screeding) is available from Fairport. Placing with a concrete rake, initial vibration with one of the range of pokers, vibration and leveling off or striking off with a beam screed or concrete tamper, smoothing with a long handled float (easy screed / big blue / fresno) and Power Floats to apply the final hard wearing finish.  

Concrete basics - A brief introduction to working with concrete
The Preparations for a Smooth Concreting Job - It'll be too late to prepare after the concrete has been mixed
Laying concrete - Introducing the techniques and equipment

Saws for concrete stone tiles asphalt



Sawing Cutting Concrete, Blocks and Tiles

Fairport supplies professionals with the cutting and sawing equipment they need for a variety of applications.  All the brick, block and tile saws are high quality, heavy duty machines built for contractors to use day in and day out. Fairport does not supply “consumer grade” equipment.  If you need high performance equipment to cut or saw stone, masonry or ceramics have a look at the range supplied and fully supported in the UK by Fairport.

concrete and asphalt floor saws


New Floor Saw range for 2015

The new floor saw range covers all common asphalt and concrete cutting application from road repairs to concrete slab cutting. These are modern designs optimised to get the best performance from diamond blades. Fairport is a worldwide asphalt saw exporter.



Team Up with Fairport to Build on Your Quality Business

If you are new to Fairport then you should be in for a treat. Getting the right machines designed, built and supplied for your particular market or application is one side of the success you can have with Fairport.

You’ll also find Fairport puts the effort in to supporting you. Via the website we’ll be making available a wealth of Technical Expertise. For re-sellers, if you need materials to assist your marketing, it’s all just a few clicks away.  What you can’t find here will be extracted direct from the heads of the Fairport experts, just get in contact.

The Team at Fairport hopes you like what you see.  Any suggestions for improvements will be gratefully received.  JUST GET IN TOUCH.


About the Fairport Group

Fairport is a progressive company building on a long tradition within the construction industry. ( view: The History of Warsop and It's Machines by Donald G. Whiting)

Fairport Construction Equipment Ltd. is part of the Family owed Fairport Group of Companies. The group includes Flexible Drive & Tool, flexible drive shaft manufacturers, located at the Sheffield Site.  Fairport encompasses the well know construction industry brands, Warsop, Metrix and Goodenough.